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We recognise a mismatch between the way our species evolved to exist and how the modern World is shaping us to be.

We believe a reduction in this misalignment will yield better humans and a better World.

Our goal is to spread this belief and facilitate re-alignment.

'Develop Your Physicality, Nourish Yourself, Be Part Of Something Bigger' - The Jungle Brothers

"Getting used to being out of (my) comfort zone is one of the biggest things I've gotten from it"


   School Sports Co-ordinator

"The biggest thing has been the improvement in my mobility"


   Registered Nurse

"I truly hated exercise - truly HATED I actually look forward to classes"


   School Teacher

"The muscle up I never did before I came here...I trained for 2 months and I got it"


   Australian Beach Handball Rep

"Jungle Brothers is like a small's like a family here"


   Bar Manager

"I like training in bare feet...I feel more aware and conscious of what my body's doing"



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