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6 Common Causes of Injuries & How to Avoid Them

20 Jul 2017

Injuries are a major roadblock in any form of training... Truth is there is no avoiding them, there's only managing them

Why Training For Aesthetics Sucks

08 Jul 2017

..Focussing strictly on how you look as the measurement of the effectiveness of your training is not only fucking boring, it's narcissistic, mentally unhealthy, and short lived in it's potency...

Turbocharge Your Training With This FREE Program

15 Jul 2017

This is an intermediate program. If you are a beginner, we don't recommend this program for you.

Taking Your Training to the Next Level at the JB Retreat

29 Jul 2017

..Without a doubt the most common question I get when talking to people who want to come to this event is - "but will I be fit enough?"

Stephane Australian Beach Handball Rep               

The muscle up I never did before I came here...I trained for 2 months and I got it.

Alen Bar Manager             

Jungle Brothers is like a small's like a family here.

Noni School Teacher               

I truly hated exercise - truly HATED I actually look forward to classes.

Karl Concreter              

I like training in bare feet...I feel more aware and conscious of what my body's doing.


Mastering Your Handstand: 5 Reasons You're Still Struggling


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