#122 Understanding The Covid Vaccine with Dr Anand Rajan

A virus wreaking havoc across the globe, and access to an abundance of information not before seen - this is a crossroads the world is encountering for the first time in human history. 

Dr Anand Rajan is a practicing Anaesthetist working out or RPA and Bankstown hospitals in Sydney, Australia. He's not an immunologist or a virologist. However as a medical professional, and someone who is passionate about medical science, he’s well versed on the latest information around the covid vaccine. 

We wanted to frame a discussion that would help provide clarity to some of the key concerns being voiced in the community around vaccination against the Covid19 virus. We discuss some of the main hesitancies around the vaccine and it's rollout, as well as some of the more obscure claims being made. 

In Nando words, all of the information that is discussed in this chat is fully referenced, and publicly available. The links to his sources can be found below.








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