Monthly Archives: April 2021

#106 Jungle Brothers Next Frontier

own my own gym

#106 Jungle Brothers Next Frontier “Carve your own path” – a mantra that we’ve always held close to our hearts.From day one we wanted to create something that would have a truly profound impact on the fitness industry, and humanity as a whole. In this episode we detail the next frontier for the Jungle Brothers […]

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#105 Being In Business Without Destroying Friendships

friend in business

#105 Being In Business Without Destroying Friendships They say that getting into business with your mates is never a good idea.  Joey and Tee talk about the reality of running a business with your two best mates and how they address the tension and conflict that inevitably arise. Listen BelowOr on your favourite podcast player […]

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#104 Building World-Class Bodyweight Strength

calisthenics training

#104 Building World-Class Bodyweight Strength Bodyweight strength is simple and accessible, yet most people will never be able to execute the high level skills that the practice is known for.We’re joined by Nik Golkin, JB Coach and Movement / Calisthenics enthusiast to discuss what it takes to build serious bodyweight skills. We chat about why […]

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#103 The What, Why & Benefits of Weightlifting

why lift weights

#103 The What, Why & Benefits of Weightlifting Weightlifting is an Olympic sport which requires high levels of speed, power and precision.  We’re joined by Jo Taylor,  a competitive weightlifter and Jungle Brothers Head Weightlifting Coach, to chat about the sport. We discuss what makes weightlifting relevant to the everyday human looking to improve their […]

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