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#124 Tell Better Stories: Creativity Tips From Filmmaker Ben Lawrence

#124 Finding Your Creativity with Ben Lawrence Writing blogs, shooting content, telling stories – being creative goes hand in hand with running a businessBen Lawrence is a Writer, Photographer and Director. He’s received international acclaim for his most recent feature films: Ghosthunter 2018, and Hearts and Bones 2019, as well as Ithaka which is set for […]

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Online Training Camera Tips

Online Training Camera Tips BLOG #LIFESTYLE14th April 2020Training online has been a bit of a shift for all of us lately…Of course the social interaction is not quite what it used to be in the gym… However a lot of people are finding that online training actually allows the coach to do their job very […]

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  • August 28, 2021
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#122 Understanding The Covid Vaccine with Dr Anand Rajan

#122 Understanding The Covid Vaccine with Dr Anand Rajan A virus wreaking havoc across the globe, and access to an abundance of information not before seen – this is a crossroads the world is encountering for the first time in human history. Dr Anand Rajan is a practicing Anaesthetist working out or RPA and Bankstown hospitals […]

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#121 Martial Arts & Being A Life Long Learner

#121 Martial Arts & Being a Life Long Learner A black belt in BJJ and a red belt in Wing Chun, Andrew Nerlich can call himself a martial artist. At 66 years of age, he still trains regularly in both arts and while semi-retired, continues to further his knowledge base as a Software Developer. Andrew takes […]

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#120 How To Get More From Your Workouts (Home or Park)

#120 How To Get More From Your Workouts (Home or Park) Gym closed? Here’s how to get a good workout without all the gear…Options are limited when you’re forced to train outdoors for a stint. In this episode Joey and Paul talk through the strategies they use on a daily basis to make their park […]

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