BJJ vs Strength Training: How Much Should I Do?

Finding the right balance between training Jiu Jitsu and your strength training can be hard...

Any die-hard BJJ player will tell you that their goal is train more BJJ - which generally means that weights / mobility / conditioning work gets pushed to the side...

If you're nineteen, and a genetic savage, this may be possible. But for the majority of adults who train a sport like BJJ, there MUST be a ratio of gym training to BJJ, in order to stay conditioned for the rigours of 'the gentle art’. It’s. Brutal sport, whichever way you look at it, so work needs to be done to mitigate the damage

First thing to say - if you haven't yet figured out that Jiu Jitsu has some serious injury potential, you're on another planet. It's an incredibly dynamic sport, which places huge forces on your joints. Ask anyone who has been in the game for a while and they can share their injury experience with you...

So what are you supposed to do?

Well, by acknowledging that there is a risk (as there is in ALL contact sports), it's then easy to understand that we, as practitioners of the art, have an obligation to look after our body. What does that mean exactly? It means doing the adequate strength and mobility training in order to prepare our bodies as well as possible for the demands of the game...

The type of strength and mobility training you do can vary, but its intentions should be clear. Those intentions:

1. address your mechanical deficiencies
2. address specific problem areas of the sport
3. continue to grow your foundation of strength  

What are you mechanical deficiencies? This is very much an individual thing so you need to get an experienced eye on you in order to know. A good PT, Physio or Chiro will be able to help here. There's a bunch of different movement screens and assessments that will all give you a solid idea of what you're lacking in, movement wise. If you’re fortunate to train in our gym (Jungle Brothers), you have a selection of some of Sydneys finest coaches who can assess you any day of the week

What are the specific problem areas of the sport? From a mobility standpoint the main culprits are the hip flexors, Hip internal and external rotation, shoulder extension and rotation, thoracic extension and rotation, and general spine health. If that all sounds a bit techy just think - Hip, shoulder and spine mobility

Growing your foundation of strength - we're talking about your basic strength capacity through pushing, pulling, hinging and squatting. This foundation, combined with great mobility and coordination, is what makes a robust and athletic body. The kind of body that has earned the right to play a mad, fun, dynamic and slightly-risky game like BJJ 

Are YOU A Member Of Our Gym?

You’re in good hands. We have a simple recommendation for you as someone who has access to a lot of different classes…

  • We recommend a 50:50 ratio of BJJ classes to Strength/Mobility focussed classes. That means if you want to train BJJ twice per week, then you need to do at least two sessions of any off the following JB classes: Bodyweight, Lift, Strength & Movement, Stretch. You’ll notice that we’ve excluded Fight Factory and Handstand class from this list as they are more skill focussed and won’t directly contribute towards your strength and mobility (at least not as much as the aforementioned classes) 
  • Depending on your body, we might recommend more of a Mobility focus, or Strength focus. If you’re not sure just ask any of the coaches and they can tell you what you need
  • Our goal is to build smart, robust BJJ players. So YOU need to spend the adequate time before and after BJJ class to work on your specific deficiencies. We very intentionally use the Bulletproof For BJJ protocols in our warm up and cool down. Adopt the drills that work the best for you and use these on your own

BJJ is an incredible martial art. It will teach you innumerable things about yourself. It will challenge you, frustrate you, and also be one of the funnest things you've ever done. We want to give all people the opportunity to experience this, and in the safest way possible. 

Got any questions about your training? Interested in training BJJ, or something else with us? Hit us up at 


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