#81 Fight Study Move

It’s difficult to understand just how much work goes into building supremely high-level bodyweight strength. We sit down with our resident movement beast, Coach Marko, to discuss his training process. We discuss his progress since he last came on the show, and how he applies himself to a demanding university and training schedule. 

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#80 Why We Fight Here

Fight training is integral to developing a strong body and mind. In this episode Joey, Paul and Tee discuss how the combat training in Jungle Brothers takes place and how it benefits the tribe. They dive into the upcoming Fight Night, where numerous members will be getting their first taste of competition.

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#79 The Direct Affect Politics Has on Health

ep79 Direct Affect Politics Has on Health

With JB coach guest Dylan Butcher, we review the gym’s seasonal planting day, and the affect it’s having on our community which leads on to a discussion about covid-19, climate change and how global politics filters down to affect the health of us as individuals.

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#78 Surviving Small Business & Fatherhood

strength movement dad

Surviving small business and fatherhood is no easy feat. Yet the pattern of starting a business while simultaneously starting a business seems to be a common one. Joey, Tee, Paul and Coach Aaron sit down for a chat about this stage of life that each of the boys has either found themselves in, or is about to find themselves in. They reveal their top learnings from this time of life.

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#77 Social Media Sanity with Shona Vertue

mental health and exercise

Social media allows us to connect with other humans and do incredible things on a global scale, however it’s not without a downside. We sit down with Shona Vertue to discuss how the everyday human can manage this modern tool from a healthy standpoint. Shona is an Author, Speaker, Yoga teacher and PT. She also knows a thing or two about Instagram 

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#76 Jiu Jitsu FAQs with Adam Childs

jiu jitsu training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known as a long and arduous journey. Many try but never reach the level of black belt, and those that have, will have tales of the trials and tribulations faced along the way. Adam Childs is the owner of Alliance Jiu Jitsu Sydney, and the only Australian to receive their black belt under the famed Fabio Gurgel. We sit down for a chat about BJJ and Adam responds to some common questions that any practitioner of the art will have no doubt pondered at one time or another

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#75 Avoiding Coaches Burnout

It’s ironic that for a fresh coach building a career based on selling health, there is a real risk of burning out. We’re joined by JB Coach Nikki Rubino for a chat around how a young coach can fall into this trap. We identify how burn-out happens, what it looks like and what you can do to avoid it altogether.

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#74 Building Our Identity

We were determined on carving our own path from the start. It had to cut across the grain of the fitness industry. But how would we represent this to the market? We discuss the evolution of the Jungle Brothers brand, from its inception to where it is now

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#73 Mental Health: Fighting The Good Fight


Ben Higgs is a South Sydney local who has lived with a mental health illness for over 30 years. He founded Rise Foundation Australia, which aims to equip people with practical tools that help deal with mental illness or poor mental health. He is a straight up bloke who brings a raw, honest approach to everything he does

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#72 Future Steps In Fitness

gym business

The boys are joined by fresh JB Coach, Dylan butcher, to discuss his pathway into his role at Jungle Brothers. They dive into the future plans for the gym, and outlay the exciting next steps of the Jungle Brothers brand. Juicy stuff!

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#71 3 Things We Learned In The Film Industry

sydney movement gym

Having spent more than a decade each working in the Film Industry, it taught Joey, Tee and Paul a few things. They discuss their time in the game, zeroing in on the experiences that have contributed to their work ethic and personal growth. You’ll learn some interesting things about the boys in this one – including how Teora’s team became infamously known as ‘The Chippendales’

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#70 Telling The JB Story

brand story

Telling the story of our brand is a constantly evolving process. With three owners at the helm, there is bound to be friction when the role falls on one persons shoulders. The boys sit down to dive into Joey’s role of Marketing the JB brand, travelling from its early days of marketing-ignorance through to the now more considered place of storytelling. 

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#69 Breakdancing, Hip Hop & Starting A Gym

breakdancing movement gym

Tai Mihaere (aka Tydal, aka the Boogie Bandit) is a well travelled Maori breakdancer who’s currently doing the Jungle Brothers Coaching Internship. Tai talks about his journey as a young hungry dancer coming up in New Zealand, eventually making his way to live in Australia. He shares his future plans, including opening his own gym which will be a movement collaborators dream.

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#68 Food & Movement With Paul West

food permaculture cook

Paul West is an Author, Chef and TV Presenter. He is most well known for starring in River Cottage Australia where he sets up his own working farm and creates recipes using his own produce. He loves movement, Jiu Jitsu and training barefoot so getting him onto the show for a chat around food, movement and sustainability was a no-brainer. In this episode Paul also lays out his top tips for people looking to start growing and cooking their own produce. Enjoy this one, we had a lot of fun recording it. 

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#67 6 Daily Habits For An Epic Life

6 habits for life

Known mainly for his martial arts and strength coaching expertise, James “Tenacity” Tomlinson is the creator of what he calls ‘The Big 6’. A simple, yet powerful collection of six daily habits he employs personally and with his clients, to craft a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. We sit down with this old friend of Jungle Brothers to discuss the habits and how they can be immediately enacted in anyones life

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#66 Road To Black Belt with Jess Fraser

jiu jitsu training

Jess Fraser is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, standout International competitor and creator of Australian Girls In Gi. She has walked the line of constant travelling and competing to further her own development, while also creating one of the worlds only female-focussed Jiu Jitsu communities. We talk to her about her epic, ongoing journey, including the wins and struggles along the way

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#65 The Movement Training Evolution

movement training sydney

Movement training is a big part of what we do in our gym… But what does it really mean? We chat with long-time JB Coach and movement-savage, Allan Long, about his journey through the movement realm. We discuss its relevance to the everyday human as well as how it’s evolved over the years.

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#64 Building The Jungle Brothers Gym

strength gym sydney

Besides his role as CEO and Head Of Sales, Teora is head of our ‘gym build’ team. He is known throughout the tribe as a creative genius and is capable of bringing people together to accomplish great things… Having just finished one of his most ambitious projects coming out of Covid19, it was the perfect chance to sit down for a chat about how various parts of our gym have been built through the generous contribution of our tribe members

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The JB Members Creed [Nourish Yourself]

strength movement

Our Members Creed is a simple text which outlines the core values we hold for our members development. It’s broken down into three key statements: Develop Your Physicality Nourish Yourself Be Part Of Something Bigger Each statement contains its own set of declarations. The declarations are simple, yet when combined and expressed on a consistent […]

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