JBcast #17: Quality Over Quantity

What metrics are you measuring your training by, and how could taking the approach of quality over quantity improve your results on the gym and in life? We talk quality movement, the human obsession with high-level performance, and why we should ask for more

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JBcast #16: Permaculture, Torn Achilles & Ski Trips

The boys catch up after a short hiatus to discuss recent events – Paul’s almost fully ruptured Achilles, the JB Garden Blitz, and the tribe carving up the slopes on the tribe recent ski trip. Many takeaways in this one from the world of permaculture, injury management, and managing training while on holidays

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Dealing With The Newbie Struggle

Facing the fact that you’re not very good at something is tough Pretty much every new member at our gym goes through this at some point… Whether it’s feeling completely out of their depth at the bodyweight strength work and locomotion in a Jungle-Nastics class…. Or being uncoordinated with the finer technicalities in our Lift […]

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JBcast #15 Marko’s Movement Journey & Dealing With Overtraining

bodyweight training handstands sydney Marko Trkulja

We get our Specialist Movement Coach Marko on the mic talking all aspects of his movement journey. From his early days pushing weights, to becoming a movement weapon under the tutelage of Ido Portal, through to his recent experience with post viral fatigue   After dedicating years to a rigorous training program, including bodyweight, acro, handstands and […]

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PROGRAM BREAKDOWN: Jungle-Nastics, Cycle 5, 2018

bodyweight strength flexibility

Jungle-Nastics Cycle 5 (5 weeks) This program is all about bodyweight strength development, so think handstands, calisthenics, flexibility, and a little bit of acro. I would say this class is by far the most challenging on offer at JB – purely because it’s dealing with a lot of dynamic, complex movement patterns. Some newbies find […]

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PROGRAM BREAKDOWN: Strength & Movement, Cycle 5, 2018

shoulder mobility strength

Is it cycle 5 already? Man, this year is moving quick So a quick breakdown for any first time readers here – we offer some crazy number of different programs in our gym, around 7 or 8. I program three of these: Strength & Movement, Jungle-Nastics and Grappling The purpose here is to break down […]

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JBcast #14 Bodyweight Training: Why You Need To Embrace The Suck

human flag bodyweight training sydney

Bodyweight training is notoriously challenging. It requires many physical attributes such as mobility, strength, coordination and confidence. In this episode we discuss the most commonly faced challenges we see here in the gym and how to deal with them. We also go into why we believe it’s an integral part of any healthy humans training […]

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JBcast #13 Injury Management For Continued Success In The Gym

Injuries are an inevitable part of the training process. How you manage them can be the difference between a life of sub-standard physicality, or continued training success and enjoyment. Joey and Tee get into the nitty gritty on injuries and how they manage them within the gym and in their own lives. The boys discuss […]

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Tribecast #2 The Black Belt journey with Dave Brooksbank

Mat demon and JB Specialist grappling Coach – Dave Brooksbank – joins the boys to talk about his journey to back belt. From his early days getting his ass kicked as a blue belt by Joey, to becoming a mat assassin and sought after coach Sydney-wide, this one is full of great insights on life […]

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JBcast #12 – Navigating Nutrition Part 2

Continuing on from last weeks episode, Pauly rejoins the mix, and the boys explore their personal upbringings and how this has shaped their beliefs around food. They talk on ‘The Big 4’ truths when it comes to managing your nutrition and go into the practical side of eating well for the average punter

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JBcast #11 – Navigating Nutrition Part 1

Joey and Tee get together and attempt to break down the quagmire that is nutrition. Touching on the hot button topics – Keto, Paleo, Veganism etc. The guys try to summarise what it’s all about and simplify the process for the relative newbie  

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It’s OK To Hate Exercise

Have You Got The Wrong Perspective On Exercise?   I’ve had a billion conversations with people who want to get back on top of their health and fitness. In these chats i’ll generally hear something along the lines of – ’I really need to start exercising because; i’m getting fat / injured / old / […]

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Tribecast #1: Becoming A Barbell Boss w/ JB Lift Coach Yasi Carter

The first JB Tribecast! > >These short, sharp episodes are targeted exclusively at the members of the JB community. They provide education that goes beyond the gym walls and enrich the JB experience In todays episode we chat with our new Weightlifting Coach – Yasi Carter. From her early beginnings as a Crossfitter, to international […]

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Gyms were born out a redundant model of training. Bodybuilding Think about it, before the 80s bodybuilding boom featuring legends like Arnold and Franco, regular people weren’t really gymming. There were gymnasiums and weights rooms for athletes, but the 9-6pm corporate warrior looking to drops some KG and put on some muscle wasn’t hanging out […]

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FAQ: Jungle Brothers Strength & Movement

There’s a few questions we get asked quite a bit… I’m hoping this post covers those big ticket items that pop up all the time If we hit the nail on the head for a question you’ve been wanting to ask please let us know in the comments… If there’s something we haven’t covered throw […]

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