JBcast #28: Stronger Is Better: Why Strength is Important with Clint Hill

We sit down with Clint Hill to get the low down on strength, and why it’s so damn important for all humans – from the every day human, through to elite athletes. Clint has a double masters degree in Human Biomechanics and Strength and Conditioning, is a ASCA Level 3 professional coach, an ASCA lecturer, a PT mentor and a coach to many.We go deep on the strength subject, dispelling myths and attempting to find the simplest approach to getting strong. He also rips into Joey which is well worth the listen alone! Enjoy

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Rest & Recovery 2/5: Nutrition (Eating)

What is Optimal Nutrition? In simple terms, it’s eating in a way that is inline with our goals… Those goals may be: greater muscle mass… More energy to perform better… Weight loss… Health and longevity… Supporting the planet… Or many other things The thing to realise is that how YOU eat should line up with […]

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Rest & Recovery: Seminar Recap 1/5

This series is a written recap of the Rest and Recovery Seminar, presented at our gym by Joey, back in March this year. The series has 4 parts The intention of this series is to bring light to areas of your life, OUTSIDE of the gym, that might need some work, and give you the […]

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What Is A.R.T?

Guest post by our in-house ART Practitioner – Jarrod Thatcher Hi all, Jarrod here I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog to give everyone a bit more clarity around what I actually do, and how it could help you… The modality I practice is called active release technique or ART […]

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Small Hinges Shift Large Doors

I want to introduce you to a guy called Rob Rob has trained at jungle Brothers for almost 4 years now. Yes, he is one of our OG members. When he started training with us he was working a busy job and he and his wife were raising three kids. He makes it to the […]

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Playing The Long Game

There’s a real tendency for us humans to want things to happen immediately… I’m often made aware of how this desire for ‘fast-gains’ can screw good things up for people… Take someone who’s just started coming our weightlifting class – It’s their first time holding a barbell. They see everyone in the class lifting heavy […]

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Our 2018 Member Of The Year

Below is a transcript of JB Joeys ‘Member of The Year’ speech from the 2018 Tribe Christmas Party. We hope you enjoy —– “Now we’ve come to the most hallowed of the tribe awards… The award that for years we had wished we could give, but could not… As we were too fucking busy preparing […]

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What We Actually Do (It’s More Than You Think…)

This ain’t a gym. It’s called a gym, so you know what goes down there. Right? Weights, sweat, people getting strong, working hard, all that stuff. You know what happens in gyms, you’ve even been to one before so it’s more or less just like that Right? Wrong… We don’t blame you though. We thought […]

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JBcast #23: How To Be A Beast Over The Holidays… 5 Simple Rules

Christmas time is here, and with it – good food, some drinks, sunburn, and annoying uncles.

Typically this time of year presents a problem for the standard gym-goer… Like most things, we JBs think that’s a load of BS.

We have 5 simple rules we use to retain beast-status over the holidays and return to the gym feeling refreshed, enthused and still lean and strong.

Enjoy fam!

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JBcast #22: Getting Better Results In The Gym Through Down-Regulation

Joey chats with John Marsh a man who’s deeply passionate about helping humans optimise their life through meditation and mindfulness. He’s an interesting feller, having been an Aerospace Engineer, Strength Coach, and Gym Owner. We discuss down-regulation, central nervous system, breathing and meditation. A very worthwhile listen for those who feel like they might benefit from a little more exercise of the mind

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JBcast #21: Learn How Your Mental Health Benefits Physical Gains

Is your mental health stopping you from making gains? Are you giving it the same love and attention you give to your physical health? Is your approach to physical health having negative effects on your mental health? Or is someone close to you struggling with their mind set and your not quite sure how to help a brother or sister in need?

To honour mental health week, our very own psychologist and pain management specialist Anna McDonald sheds light on an otherwise taboo subject.

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JBcast #20: How Training Makes Us Better Humans

We catch up with the motivational powerhouse and monster of positivity – James ‘Tenacity’ Tomlinson. This Melbourne-based human is an elite-Level Strength and Conditioning Coach, Taekwondo black belt, BJJ black belt, and a hell of a guy. We pick his brain on training, living a healthy lifestyle, and being the best damn version of yourself that you can be

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