It all started in 1977

Im sure you have noticed that every few years the health experts change their minds about what is good for you and what is not. Well it’s because they really didn’t know until now. Medical experts around the world are finally coming to the realisation that they have been touting the WRONG medical advice for […]

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Telomeres-Are your shoe laces fraying early?

What are Telomeres? Everyone knows what DNA is, essentially its the stuff that programs your cells to make you what you are. This DNA is housed within a chromosome. Imagine that your chromosome is your shoelace and that the strands of that shoe lace is your DNA. At the end of the shoelace is a […]

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Success is in the marshmallow

I recently came across a study into deferred gratification. This is the ability to resist a temptation of an immediate reward to wait for a later reward. This ability to resist the immediate reward and wait for the later reward, which is usually much bigger, has been seen as a huge indicator to success in […]

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As many of you may already know, i compete in adventure racing and I love it! It’s tough and brutal, you become sleep deprived, receive cuts, leaches, toenails falling off, feel sick, and are going constantly for hours, days, even weeks. You feel uncomfortable and wish you were home. You eat food constantly and nothing […]

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While the Queen’s Away, the Native’s Play.

While the Queen was celebrating her fake birthday by quaffing champagne from giant tea cups and getting a tattoo of Freddie Mercury on her arse, far far away in one of her forgotten colonies the natives were growing restless. Something burning deep inside was urging them to go forth and enjoy the gifts endowed unto [...] Read More..

The North Face 100. Part 2

Here it is….the silver belt buckle.

This damn piece of metal kept me going for 13 hrs and 28mins. I knew that i had to do 7-8 km per hour to get under 14hrs and that meant that i could not stop. It was going to be a big call but as we started and i saw the first 10km go past in about an hour i knew that i had to make time on the front end of the course while i was fresh.If i was able to run faster then my planned pace at the start then i would have time to spare at the back half.

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The North Face 100

At 6:58am on Saturday the 18th may I will be heading off into the sunrise for a 100km run, The North Face 100. My aim is to get the silver belt buckle. To gain this I will need to run 100km in the Blue Mountains, into and out of valleys, up giant stairs, down […]

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This is a little section for the dedicated Jungle Brothers and Sisters who are presently MIA due to work and other life commitments. You know who you are, and now you have no excuse for returning out of shape! HOTEL ROOM POWER SESSION – primary goal is to maintain strength and mobility while away from […]

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Inaugural Met-Endurance Trek was a burning success!

Just a quick recap – The Metabolic Endurance Trek was unreal! Thanks to all those who turned up. We had a massive turnout for the day and let it be known, everyone completed the trek valiantly. For many friends and family the trek began with much trepidation. However, once we got going, the anxieties and […]

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Are You Over Stimulated?

Do you find it hard to lose weight, sleep at night, or squeeze out a poo? Are you hungry all the time, have a bad tummy, or highly stressed? Maybe your sympathetic nervous system is overly dominant. The sympathetic nervous system gives us our “fight or flight” response. You know the feeling when you’re scared, being attacked by a […]

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JOE’S ALL EARS – Training While Injured or Ill

Welcome to J-Bro Joey’s spot-column aptly named not only because of his willingness to listen to others, but also because of a certain likeness he shares with a wing-nut. Laugh it up folks, but if you’ve met him you’ll surely know that he always has something interesting to share about his experiences in training as […]

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Unpleasant training faces ;={

2013 is the year of the ugly face. A little humility is always good for camaraderie. If you’re training hard and progressing, chances are all the make-up and facelifts in 50 Hollywoods won’t be able to overcome your unpleasant training face. Stay tuned for the JBs Unpleasant face-off.

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