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More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

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I own a gym, so of course I am going to write a blog peddling the importance of food and training, right? Maybe. I’m actually not interested in talking about why each of those individually is so important – you already know that. I want to talk about the combination of these two things. I […]

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Why December & January Matter Too

Once December rolls around, most people basically sign off for the year… It’s the lead up to Christmas and NY, the weather ie beachy, and social life kicks into a higher gear. This carries through to the new year, and for many people, they do’t start getting their life back in order until sometime in […]

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Rest & Recovery 4/5: Training Load

“You’re not over-training. You’re under-recovering” – anonymous Training too much, is that even a thing? Yeah, it is. Training as a process, is stressful on the body. It’s a controlled way of exposing ourselves to certain types of stress (ie. neurological, muscular, cardiovascular etc.) which we then recover from, and as a result we become […]

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Rest & Recovery 3/5: Sleep

“A large European study of 25,000 individuals demonstrated that sleeping six hours or less was associated with a 40% increased risk of developing cancer, relative to those sleeping seven hours per night or more” – Matthew Walker, ‘Why We Sleep’ What Makes Sleep So Important? It’s where the recovery takes place… The science now shows […]

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Rest & Recovery 2/5: Nutrition (Eating)

What is Optimal Nutrition? In simple terms, it’s eating in a way that is inline with our goals… Those goals may be: greater muscle mass… More energy to perform better… Weight loss… Health and longevity… Supporting the planet… Or many other things The thing to realise is that how YOU eat should line up with […]

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Rest & Recovery: Seminar Recap 1/5

This series is a written recap of the Rest and Recovery Seminar, presented at our gym by Joey, back in March this year. The series has 4 parts The intention of this series is to bring light to areas of your life, OUTSIDE of the gym, that might need some work, and give you the […]

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