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JBcast #36: The Young Couple Living the Olympic Dream

Keesja Gofers is a Waterpolo player who represented Australia at the 2016 Olympics and is now preparing for Tokyo 2020. Scott Nicholson, her fiance, is a multiple time Australian representative for Beach Handball. We dig into the journey of chasing the ultimate sports dream – olympic gold

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JBcast #34: Living The Fight, Lift Move Lifestyle

Robert left the comfort of his home in the Netherlands to come to Australia and join the JB Internship. From smoothie bar entrepreneur, to fight camps in Thailand, this guy has seen some travel and is following his passion. We chat with him about the reality of following your passion, and his experiences in the international movement scene.

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JBcast #33: The Ever Evolving Gym

A deep dive into how the Jungle Brothers program has, and continues to evolve. From running a single weekly class in the park, to a gym that houses a collection of diverse, yet complimentary training programs. We break down how and why we choose to carve our own path. A valuable listen for any coach, business owner, or JB member.

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JBcast #28: Stronger Is Better: Why Strength is Important with Clint Hill

We sit down with Clint Hill to get the low down on strength, and why it’s so damn important for all humans – from the every day human, through to elite athletes. Clint has a double masters degree in Human Biomechanics and Strength and Conditioning, is a ASCA Level 3 professional coach, an ASCA lecturer, a PT mentor and a coach to many.We go deep on the strength subject, dispelling myths and attempting to find the simplest approach to getting strong. He also rips into Joey which is well worth the listen alone! Enjoy

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JBcast #23: How To Be A Beast Over The Holidays… 5 Simple Rules

Christmas time is here, and with it – good food, some drinks, sunburn, and annoying uncles.

Typically this time of year presents a problem for the standard gym-goer… Like most things, we JBs think that’s a load of BS.

We have 5 simple rules we use to retain beast-status over the holidays and return to the gym feeling refreshed, enthused and still lean and strong.

Enjoy fam!

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JBcast #22: Getting Better Results In The Gym Through Down-Regulation

Joey chats with John Marsh a man who’s deeply passionate about helping humans optimise their life through meditation and mindfulness. He’s an interesting feller, having been an Aerospace Engineer, Strength Coach, and Gym Owner. We discuss down-regulation, central nervous system, breathing and meditation. A very worthwhile listen for those who feel like they might benefit from a little more exercise of the mind

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JBcast #21: Learn How Your Mental Health Benefits Physical Gains

Is your mental health stopping you from making gains? Are you giving it the same love and attention you give to your physical health? Is your approach to physical health having negative effects on your mental health? Or is someone close to you struggling with their mind set and your not quite sure how to help a brother or sister in need?

To honour mental health week, our very own psychologist and pain management specialist Anna McDonald sheds light on an otherwise taboo subject.

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JBcast #20: How Training Makes Us Better Humans

We catch up with the motivational powerhouse and monster of positivity – James ‘Tenacity’ Tomlinson. This Melbourne-based human is an elite-Level Strength and Conditioning Coach, Taekwondo black belt, BJJ black belt, and a hell of a guy. We pick his brain on training, living a healthy lifestyle, and being the best damn version of yourself that you can be

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JBcast #19: Becoming A World Champion Fighter

Joey bros down with World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete Levi Jones-Leary and up and coming international prospect Ari Tabak. A fascinating chat on chasing the big dream, pushing your personal boundaries and travelling the globe with two young men who are living a deep life at a very young age. Get amped

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JBcast #17: Quality Over Quantity

What metrics are you measuring your training by, and how could taking the approach of quality over quantity improve your results on the gym and in life? We talk quality movement, the human obsession with high-level performance, and why we should ask for more

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