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#71 3 Things We Learned In The Film Industry

sydney movement gym

Having spent more than a decade each working in the Film Industry, it taught Joey, Tee and Paul a few things. They discuss their time in the game, zeroing in on the experiences that have contributed to their work ethic and personal growth. You’ll learn some interesting things about the boys in this one – including how Teora’s team became infamously known as ‘The Chippendales’

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#70 Telling The JB Story

brand story

Telling the story of our brand is a constantly evolving process. With three owners at the helm, there is bound to be friction when the role falls on one persons shoulders. The boys sit down to dive into Joey’s role of Marketing the JB brand, travelling from its early days of marketing-ignorance through to the now more considered place of storytelling. 

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#69 Breakdancing, Hip Hop & Starting A Gym

breakdancing movement gym

Tai Mihaere (aka Tydal, aka the Boogie Bandit) is a well travelled Maori breakdancer who’s currently doing the Jungle Brothers Coaching Internship. Tai talks about his journey as a young hungry dancer coming up in New Zealand, eventually making his way to live in Australia. He shares his future plans, including opening his own gym which will be a movement collaborators dream.

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#68 Food & Movement With Paul West

food permaculture cook

Paul West is an Author, Chef and TV Presenter. He is most well known for starring in River Cottage Australia where he sets up his own working farm and creates recipes using his own produce. He loves movement, Jiu Jitsu and training barefoot so getting him onto the show for a chat around food, movement and sustainability was a no-brainer. In this episode Paul also lays out his top tips for people looking to start growing and cooking their own produce. Enjoy this one, we had a lot of fun recording it. 

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#67 6 Daily Habits For An Epic Life

6 habits for life

Known mainly for his martial arts and strength coaching expertise, James “Tenacity” Tomlinson is the creator of what he calls ‘The Big 6’. A simple, yet powerful collection of six daily habits he employs personally and with his clients, to craft a life that is purposeful and fulfilling. We sit down with this old friend of Jungle Brothers to discuss the habits and how they can be immediately enacted in anyones life

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#66 Road To Black Belt with Jess Fraser

jiu jitsu training

Jess Fraser is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, standout International competitor and creator of Australian Girls In Gi. She has walked the line of constant travelling and competing to further her own development, while also creating one of the worlds only female-focussed Jiu Jitsu communities. We talk to her about her epic, ongoing journey, including the wins and struggles along the way

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#65 The Movement Training Evolution

movement training sydney

Movement training is a big part of what we do in our gym… But what does it really mean? We chat with long-time JB Coach and movement-savage, Allan Long, about his journey through the movement realm. We discuss its relevance to the everyday human as well as how it’s evolved over the years.

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#64 Building The Jungle Brothers Gym

strength gym sydney

Besides his role as CEO and Head Of Sales, Teora is head of our ‘gym build’ team. He is known throughout the tribe as a creative genius and is capable of bringing people together to accomplish great things… Having just finished one of his most ambitious projects coming out of Covid19, it was the perfect chance to sit down for a chat about how various parts of our gym have been built through the generous contribution of our tribe members

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#62 Covid Mental Health with Dr Anna McDonald

2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone. With the changes to our everyday life, come disruptions to our routines. We talk about how we’ve managed the recent disruptions in our own schedules, and what people can do to stay consistent through such times.

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#61 Consistency In Times Of Change

2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone. With the changes to our everyday life, come disruptions to our routines. We talk about how we’ve managed the recent disruptions in our own schedules, and what people can do to stay consistent through such times.

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#60 Private Coaching During Covid Lockdown

JB coach Aaron Howley joins the boys to chat about the ins and outs of coaching and being coached during the covid-19 lockdown period.

They discuss the pros and cons of 1 on 1 and group online coaching versus face to face coaching, both from a client’s perspective as well as a coach’s. They also get into how Aaron quickly switched his PT business to online, plus the mechanisms of the online experience.

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#59 Training Vs Exercise

Is your body just a vessel that requires hard, repeated work in order to thrive, or are its exercise needs more complex than that? Joey and Paul discuss their paths into fitness and how having they’ve come to take a much more deliberate approach to their training.

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#57 Covid Shutdown: JBs Go Online

Teora and Paul review the last month since the Covid-19 pandemic shut the doors of the gym.

They talk about fighting against going broke, serving the community and bridging the technology gap to now offer a full timetable of coached online classes.

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#58 How We’re Managing Life Right Now

Navigating life in recent weeks has been tricky… We talk about our personal struggles and wins since our schedules got tossed into chaos. Balancing work at home, nutrition, home schooling, time with family, motivation, training. A lot of practical takeaways in this one

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#55: What’s The Role Of Your Gym?

Through this time of relative uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that your gym provides stability and certainty for it’s community. We discuss our response to COVID19 and what options there might be for other gym owners out there

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#53: Your First Steps at JBs

Paul and Teora describe the typical way someone would reach out to the Botany gym and the process they take individuals through to get them moving towards their goals. They detail the JB foundation program and movement screen. 

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#52: Fanny & Luke Tulloch

Between them, coaches Fanny and Luke Tulloch are a husband and wife combo that know more than a thing or two about training and nutrition principles and how to get results. We have a chat with them about eating & training while travelling, goal vs process orientated training, building muscle, bodyweight skills and more.

Luke Tulloch has a background in Neuroscience, bodybuilding & nutrition. Fanny is a mobility and calisthenics specialist who is deep down the breathing & handstands rabbit hole.

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