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Fight for Mental Health Fundraiser

HELP US SPREAD AWARENESS & EDUCATION ABOUT MENTAL HEALTHBy buying a ticket to attend this event OR by purchasing the live stream, you are helping our local community combat the issues related to poor mental health.All proceeds are committed to Rise Foundation who will reinvest directly back into educating the Jungle Brothers community. That means putting gym […]

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JB’s Christmas Weekend

JUNGLE BROTHERS CHRISTMAS WEEKEND 2020 WHAT IS THIS EVENT? Covid-19 has meant we’ve had to get creative with our gym Christmas party this year so we can be all together. We’ve decided to take it into nature where we belong… We Are Going Camping for the 2020 JB Christmas party!This weekend is exclusive to JB Tribe […]

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The JB Members Creed [Nourish Yourself]

strength movement

Our Members Creed is a simple text which outlines the core values we hold for our members development. It’s broken down into three key statements: Develop Your Physicality Nourish Yourself Be Part Of Something Bigger Each statement contains its own set of declarations. The declarations are simple, yet when combined and expressed on a consistent […]

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Doing A Lot With A Little

sydney movement gym

You don’t have to train 5 days per week to get great results in the gym Often times, the people who you see training up a storm on their instagram and making all the rapid gains are the same ones who fall off the wagon six months down the track… The thing we see here […]

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More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

bodyweight strength flexibility

I own a gym, so of course I am going to write a blog peddling the importance of food and training, right? Maybe. I’m actually not interested in talking about why each of those individually is so important – you already know that. I want to talk about the combination of these two things. I […]

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Getting Back Into Training: Start With One

It’s surprising how hard getting it can be, getting back into training after a layoff… A couple weeks holidays… Got crook last week… Routine change with the kids… A global pandemic – take your pick I have this conversation often. I even have this conversation with myself at times – you’d think as a gym […]

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Online Training Camera Tips

strength online

Training online has been a bit of a shift for all of us lately… Of course the social interaction is not quite what it used to be in the gym… However a lot of people are finding that online training actually allows for your coach to do their job very effectively. The one hurdle to your […]

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BJJ vs Strength Training: How Much Should I Do?

Finding the right balance between training Jiu Jitsu and your strength training can be hard… Any die-hard BJJ player will tell you that their goal is train more BJJ – which generally means that weights / mobility / conditioning work gets pushed to the side… If you’re nineteen, and a genetic savage, this may be possible. But […]

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Why December & January Matter Too

Once December rolls around, most people basically sign off for the year… It’s the lead up to Christmas and NY, the weather ie beachy, and social life kicks into a higher gear. This carries through to the new year, and for many people, they do’t start getting their life back in order until sometime in […]

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Rest & Recovery 2/5: Nutrition (Eating)

What is Optimal Nutrition? In simple terms, it’s eating in a way that is inline with our goals… Those goals may be: greater muscle mass… More energy to perform better… Weight loss… Health and longevity… Supporting the planet… Or many other things The thing to realise is that how YOU eat should line up with […]

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What Is A.R.T?

Guest post by our in-house ART Practitioner – Jarrod Thatcher Hi all, Jarrod here I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog to give everyone a bit more clarity around what I actually do, and how it could help you… The modality I practice is called active release technique or ART […]

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Small Hinges Shift Large Doors

I want to introduce you to a guy called Rob Rob has trained at jungle Brothers for almost 4 years now. Yes, he is one of our OG members. When he started training with us he was working a busy job and he and his wife were raising three kids. He makes it to the […]

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Playing The Long Game

There’s a real tendency for us humans to want things to happen immediately… I’m often made aware of how this desire for ‘fast-gains’ can screw good things up for people… Take someone who’s just started coming our weightlifting class – It’s their first time holding a barbell. They see everyone in the class lifting heavy […]

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Our 2018 Member Of The Year

Below is a transcript of JB Joeys ‘Member of The Year’ speech from the 2018 Tribe Christmas Party. We hope you enjoy —– “Now we’ve come to the most hallowed of the tribe awards… The award that for years we had wished we could give, but could not… As we were too fucking busy preparing […]

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What We Actually Do (It’s More Than You Think…)

This ain’t a gym. It’s called a gym, so you know what goes down there. Right? Weights, sweat, people getting strong, working hard, all that stuff. You know what happens in gyms, you’ve even been to one before so it’s more or less just like that Right? Wrong… We don’t blame you though. We thought […]

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Why Exercise Is Harder At 30

*taken from a popular Facebook post we made last month That frustrating training drop-off that happens around 30 (Or 26, or 32, or somewhere around then…) Training 4 days a week was a no-brainer. Motivation was on tap… Getting up early was easy, so was staying up late… It was the gains gold rush! Then […]

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How To Plan & Prep A Week Of Meals Like A Pro, part 2

Now We Need To Cook This Shit   Cooking wise I like to make it as easy as possible on myself. I also like slow cooked, tender meats because they’re delicious and nutrient dense There’s two weapons i use most in the kitchen – my slow cooker and my pressure cooker The pressure cooker i’ve […]

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