COVID-19 Response
Thursday September 10th, 2020

We are open and registered as covid safe!

Our gym is open and running our full timetable of group classes. We are doing so while adhering to the government recommendations in the areas of physical distancing, cleaning and hygiene, contact tracing and asking those with risk symptoms to stay at home.

Given the seriousness of the virus spread, we will continue to observe any changes to government recommendations and will act accordingly.

You can also train ONLINE with the Jungle Brothers

Yes, we are running our full timetable of classes in the gym at the same time as coaching live to your home for 30+ sessions per week!

These sessions leverage the best technology to bring you the Jungle Brothers method of high quality, high level coaching right into your home. 

We continue moving forward, fulfilling our mission to create strong, mobile and skilled humans across the globe.

We are vigilant with the global situation and will remain agile and responsive as we serve the good people of this Earth.

For more info please reach out to us:

Teora / (02) 9666 5269