Doing A Lot With A Little

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You don’t have to train 5 days per week to get great results in the gym

Often times, the people who you see training up a storm on their instagram and making all the rapid gains are the same ones who fall off the wagon six months down the track…

The thing we see here is that a lot of people approach the gym with the idea of getting fast results. They’re highly motivated in that initial period, so they set their lazer-sights on training and not much else. The problem is they often sacrifice a lot of other things in their life to make this happen

That can only last for so long…

Eventually those ‘other things’ that had been sidelined, start screaming for attention again. I’m talking stuff like work, family, friends and rest. Once the screams get loud enough they demand a redirection of attention and the ‘gym thing’ gets pushed to the side. This is quite similar to the trend we see in commercial gyms after the New Year period

Setting unrealistic expectations is the issue here…

The real results are for those who resist the urge to shoot for the stars from day one, but instead set the bar a bit lower and aim for something they can maintain. They know that on occasion they can squeeze in an extra workout, but for the most part they’re content to get two or three workouts done per week

This allows them to give attention to the other areas of their life that are important, which in turn helps them to maintain balance. And balance, ultimately leads to consistency


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