Getting Back Into Training: Start With One

It’s surprising how hard getting it can be, getting back into training after a layoff…

A couple weeks holidays… Got crook last week… Routine change with the kids… A global pandemic – take your pick

I have this conversation often. I even have this conversation with myself at times – you’d think as a gym owner I would have mastered the art of training consistency by now wouldn’t you… I do ok, but I am not immune to this, believe me

I had the chat yesterday with my sister. She has lovingly joined our gym during this period of lockdown (we got her!) more so as an act of support to help her little brothers business through a tough time. What a champ. That was her main reason for joining, and if she managed to get some classes done too, that would be a bonus…

It’s been a couple of weeks since she joined. Yesterday we caught up in person for the first time in over a month (thanks to the eased restrictions on social visits here in NSW). I asked her if she’s managed to get to a class yet and she replied she hadn’t… I had told her a couple of weeks ago when she first joined that around now I would be asking her this question and if she hadn’t yet attended a class, I would hassle her until she did (like a good little brother does)

She knew her time had come

Like so many people who train in our gym, she wasn’t really sure how to approach it… Which class do I go to? Am I going to slow people down? What if I suck at the exercises? All the typical, normal apprehensions we have about jumping into something new. These feelings, that we all experience, are only further compounded by the whole digital means by which we now run our classes. Generally we do a great job of meeting with new members in person, and showing them around the gym. We take the time to show them around, discuss their concerns, their goals, and make sure their transition into classes is smooth

We still do this now, however the process has had to change a little given current restrictions. It’s a bit more of a leap of faith for the first-timer as we can’t hold their hand through the entire process… We get it. It’s a work in progress

One of the tricky parts about starting your journey (or re-starting) with JBs is that we offer a wide range of classes. Do I come to Lift? Or Stretch? Strength and Movement? We choose diversity as it is, in our opinion, the best way to develop a robust, confident human. However, it has one drawback in this situation, and that’s the abundance of choice

In this situation, simplicity is what’s needed…

So, I gave my sister the advice that I give to anyone who is starting, or re-starting their training journey. That advice simply was – start with one class. Just one. Turn up to that one session this week, and the rest should fall into place (I think I said “trust me!” after that and she gave me a look which replied “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, little bro.”)

We decided on Stretch class this Tuesday at 715pm : ) See ya there, sis.


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