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Gym Community

Our greatest achievements are made through collaboration. Modern fitness has ignored this for long enough. We’re here to restore this missing link of supreme long term health

Community and Connection

Community is one of the missing links in the modern lifestyle. Overly-demanding work schedules and family obligations leave most of us with little time for true social connection with like-minded humans.

 This perspective is central to our philosophy and permeates every part of this gym, from our warm ups, to the layout of the gym itself. With this community, comes a lifeline of support and accountability.

Not Your Average Christmas "Do"
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Once a year we get together and give it a good nudge. We stand for health and longevity. Cutting loose from time to time is an important part of that.

Often includes costumes, always includes food, drinks, epic DJs and hilarious speeches. This is where we award our OG Members and the Member Of The Year. Not to be missed.

Garden Planting Days
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Our gym garden was constructed by the tribe. Whether they donated raw materials, provided food for the workers, or created the ceramic mosaics, everyone has played a part.

At the change of each season the garden gets an overhaul. This ensures that it continues to provide nourishing produce for the tribe to take home and eat throughout the year. Our regular planting days are more of a social gathering with a little bit of gardening in between.

Rise Foundation Safe Place
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We place a huge emphasis on mental health. At the end of the day, good mental health is integral to becoming a robust, strong human. 

We’re proud to be affiliated with Rise Foundation Australia and provide a safe space for anyone looking to talk about struggles they’re facing.


What is a fitness Community?

A community is a group of people who have something in common and help each other work towards a common goal. A fitness community is a place where this community gathers to work towards improving their fitness. It's a place of acceptance, sharing and contribution. It allows the members of that community to push their training to new heights, and the group   keeps everyone accountable to their goals.

Why is a sense of Community important?

Community is important because it's always been at the center of the success of our species. Without community, we would not be where we are today. Working together, sharing ideas and contributing towards a solution, has ultimately been the story of human success. It's no surprise, that we are able to achieve the most in our lives when we do it with a community. The community provides support, accountability, assistance and a social outlet. It's the glue that keeps us having fun and working towards our goals. 

What makes a great gym?

Many things make a great gym, but it's hard to argue that anything could be more important than a strong, supportive community. A strong community brings good energy to the place - it makes you feel welcomed when you're new, it helps you push harder in your training, and it lifts you up when you're down. If the gym has attracted an awesome group of humans, that should tell you something about the place. 

What should every gym have?

There are two essential items that a good gym should have, those are Community and an On-board process for new members. A strong gym community, shows the place is fun, and does a good job to attract other awesome humans towards it. This is obviously important and can tell you a lot about the place almost instantly.

The second thing a gym should have, is an effective On-board process. What is that? It's a process that the gym requires new members to go through before they join group classes. This demonstrates that the gym respects the individual and wants to introduce them into the classes in a responsible manner. Without such a process, new members are essentially thrown into the deep end, which can be dangerous for both the person joining and for other gym members. 

What should you not do at the gym?

The one thing you should not do at the gym is simply copy what someone else is doing. Especially in a big commercial gym, it can be easy to emulate what we see other people in the gym doing as we assume they know what they're doing. The fact is, they don't necessarily know what they're doing. Even if they did, it doesn't mean that it's right for you to do. The best thing for you to do in this situation is get yourself a good coach, pay them for their time and ask them what you should do. They'll be able to guide you on the best approach to take. 


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