MIAThis is a little section for the dedicated Jungle Brothers and Sisters who are presently MIA due to work and other life commitments. You know who you are, and now you have no excuse for returning out of shape!


– primary goal is to maintain strength and mobility while away from home. Secondary goal is to get the metabolic rate up so that hotel buffets and luxury dinners can be enjoyed without onset of indulgence-guilt. Key factor here is speed, you gotta get it done quick – foreign company reps are in the lobby sipping martinis on your account!

corporate power baby!

Strength moves: push up, hindu push up, inverted table row, lunge, squat, plank, crunch  

Cardio spikers: Burpee, jump squat, jump lunge, box jump

Pick any three of the strength moves, add one cardio spiker, and voila! 8-15 reps of each in a circuit format, followed by a short 30-60 second rest. Repeat 4 times and you’re gold! (Don’t have the time? Cut the rest periods down/out!). Throw in some prone extensions (belly down, extending and raising chest/legs upwards) to help correct plane-seat posture destruction!

example workout: 10 alternating lunge / 10 push up / 10 inverted row / 10 burpee / rest 45 seconds / complete 4 rounds

Now take a shower and get to the lobby ASAP!


mechanical bull


– primary goal here is to maintain strength, keep the metabolic rate high and promote a general sense of well being (so you can look and feel gooood!). We will use two parts to the workout – the first working on strength gain and the second working on that metabolism.

Part 1) Spend 20 minutes working on basic strength moves – push up, squat, lunge, inverted table row, hindu push up, pull up. 3-4 sets of 5-10 of each, keeping the reps clean and the tempo slow (feel the burn cowgirl!).

Part 2) Spend the next 7-15 minutes going hard! Build a circuit around those strength moves, smash out a set of each and then run 200m as quick as you can. Do it again 3 times.

example workout: 5 push up / 10 explosive alternating lunges / 15  box jumps / run / complete 3 rounds for time

nat inverted rowNow get to the pub ASAP and smash a steak!

We miss you guys MIA and hope you are having fun out there. See you back at the park shortly..


PS. if you don’t have access to weights, try a real slow tempo for your strength movements with a pause at the bottom of the movement (for squat, think 3 second descent, holding in bottom position for 2 seconds, then a 3 second ascent). If its still kinda easy, go mix the slow tempo stuff with jump squats. Still too easy? You’re not doing enough of them.

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  • May 11, 2013
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Nathalie AKA Spaniard Reply

Love this post Joe! Thanks so much for this ill get right on it! Still trying to do my one man push-up but ill get there after 3 months of this training. Missing you all!!

    joey Reply

    Spaniard you are most welcome! Stay on the push ups a few days a week and they will come. Remember to record your workout times too and keep it for comparison. You may not remember the ‘inverted table row’ so i’ve thrown in a photo of you doing one! Happy training..

Nathalie AKA Spaniard Reply

HA! loving the picture of “me” doing the inverted row! Only wish I looked that graceful doing it! Thanks again! I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

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