Covid-19 has meant we've had to get creative with our gym Christmas party this year so we can be all together. We've decided to take it into nature where we belong...
We Are Going Camping for the 2020 JB Christmas party!
This weekend is exclusive to JB Tribe members, partners and their families. We have a private property booked over 3 Nights across Dec 18th-20th. Pitch your own tent, hire a cool glamping bell tent or request a room in one the houses.
The Main Event

• The main party not to be missed is a fancy dress covid-safe mini bush doof with DJs
• Theme?? BURNING MAN!
• Saturday Dec 19th, 12noon Start until 10pm
• Speeches & awards
• Face painting, getting loose and dancing until our feet fall off
Other features of the weekend

• Yoga and mindset workshop by JB member Troy
• Chill goal setting session led by JBs
• Communal eating
• Kids activities
• More to come!


• 95 Hulbert Rd, Upper Colo NSW 2756
• 90mins drive from the gym
• Private property, bathrooms and showers block
• Colo River 200m walk
• A really beautiful spot, not too far!
• This is the property here.



The property is really special and comes at a price, however, we've decided to dedicate the majority of our yearly Xmas Party budget (usually thrown onto the bar, venue & DJs) into bringing the camping cost down for everyone. Our attitude is the more the merrier, there's plenty of space out there. We just ask that everyone brings a drink to share!

• The cost is $35/night per head (whether camping or in one of the house rooms. Glampers also pay this on top of tent hire)
• Kids under 16yrs Free


Bring your own food and drink supplies! Communal sharing of food is encouraged, ie. if everyone cooks something to share we'll be in a good place. 

Other Costs



Step 1. 
It's important for us that you confirm you're coming by paying below through our Square POS online checkout link.

**Pay at the rate of $35/night per head**

To help us manage the whole event easier please do the following:
When checking out of your online payment, please add into the transaction notes:

(a) your name 
(b) anyone else you're paying for
(c) the nights you are planning on staying. 

This will also help us know who is going to be where when for Covid-19 reasons.

Step 2.
There is no step 2! You could confirm your attendance on the JB Botany Tribe Facebook event, however paying below is really the final word. We'll be following up with additional info as we get closer to the event!

covid safety plan for our christmas weekender

Below is a basic overview of our COVID safety plan. If you’d like the full plan, we will link the PDF format. It is much larger than this and mostly applicable to staff.
We have also included our approach to safety throughout the weekend event. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with us.
Again, this is a brief overview of our COVID and OH and S safety plan for our JB Christmas event.
Corporate Event:

• A corporate event is an event, hospitality or social activity organized, held or funded by a business or other organization for staff, clients or stakeholders. A corporate event is not open to the public.
• The maximum number of people who can attend a corporate event cannot exceed 300 people or one person per 4 square meters, whichever is the lesser. We sit well within these numbers.
•Gatherings within a corporate event are to be limited to 30 people.
For outdoor corporate events at a venue;

• If a corporate event is held at a venue in an outdoor area, we may have up to 300 people and apply the one person per 2 square meter rule. We have completed and registered a COVID-19 Safety Plan for our event.
• A group from the same household is the equivalent of 1 individual. Thus our ability to invite children and loved ones living under the one roof.

Contact us if you would like to see our COVID plan.

Electronic sign in entry is compulsory (we will QR code at the front gate)
We must be in a controlled space, in a fenced area exclusive to our members and staff.

A Breakdown Below:

•Cleaning frequently used indoor areas at least daily with detergent or disinfectant.
• Cleaning frequently touched areas and surfaces several times per day.
•If grounds are remote with minimal staffing, then visitors should be informed to practice good hygiene and bring their own cleaning equipment.
• The gym will provide a number of options but we also encourage everyone to take personal responsibility of their own hygiene.
• Disinfectant solutions need to be maintained at an appropriate strength and used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.
• QR code at the gate with no visitors other than active members of Jungle Brothers and their immediate family from the same household. Ie living in your home with you, are permitted to enter this corporate event.-Anti bacterial stations will be placed in and around location -
• Toilets regularly cleaned

Social Gatherings within our Event:

The definition of a social gathering is: a group of people interacting standing or sitting.

This includes:
• Social distancing within that group at a squared distance of 1.5m.
• Each workshop/activity will be capped at 30 persons and booked prior to event. If there is a popular activity that caps 30, we will put it on twice.
• Music will be played at our event yet no physical “dance floor” will be constructed or mapped out.
Food Consumption:

The act of eating will be decentralized. Eat with your family/group or hook up with a group that’s no bigger than 10-15 persons if you can. 30 is still the capped number here, but keeping our eating groups smaller is safer.

We advise:
•Use your own cooking utensils where possible
•Personal food storage where possible
•Do not share eating utensils at any time (BYO knife and fork)
•In honor of our theme “leave no trace” and to stifle the spread of potential COVID transmission, Bring your own drinking apparatus that is clearly marked as yours through a name tag or individual design. Hold onto it for the duration of the event and clean it regularly.

Keep in mind, when purchasing any throw away products like plates cutlery bottles and food stuffs... What you bring with you, you take with you. There will be no communal garbage bin so please choose wisely and avoid creating excess waste.

•There is a community BBQ and cooking area for the tribe to use at any one time. There is also a fridge for those without an Eski. The fridge is reserved for those that don’t have their own camp kit. Eg eski.
•When using this or any other communal space, you must clean up after yourself thoroughly.
Eat when ever suits you. Do it in your own time. I will post the best options for your camping weekend meals. For now, keep these rules in mind.

Less prep is better. Prepare what you can at home
Keep it simple
Less clean up is better
Keep your meals healthy and clean. Keep your food packaged. Containers etc. Less time you spend prepping and digesting heavy meals, the more you can enjoy the workshops, swims, music and MOVEMENT...
Don’t bring too much food! Remember, there's shops nearby.
Camp Site:

Tents will be stationed at a COVID safe distance from one another.
*All cars to unpack camping equipment then remove vehicle from the camp ground and to the designated parking area.

This is for three reasons:

1-To give our campers more COVID safe space to set up their tents.
2-To stop people wanting to run their engines on idle and choking other campers out.
3-Most importantly so our children can run around the camp site without the fear of being run over.
*Note; If you have a rooftop tent and cannot camp without your car under you, you will be exempt.

Keep in mind

No running engines and try to use someone else’s vehicle to do a shop run if necessary please.
Strictly no generators.
The house site is powered.
Charge your phone off mains and you can use a torch with batteries for you light.

If there’s a fire ban, which we are expecting, all BBQing will need to be done in the designated outdoor kitchen area.

Strictly no music to be played in the camp site after 8pm. Never fear, this is separate from the communal area. Many of our members are early birds and have a greater interest in the morning activities
.Also there are children that will need their sleep
If you want to play music after 8, feel free to go for a walk, away from the camp site please
Throughout the event:

Responsible consumption of alcohol is highly advised
Strictly no smoking cigarettes on site. You may exit the property to smoke if necessary
Strictly no illicit use of recreational drugs at this event.
Most Importantly:

Parents are FULLY responsible for their children at this event at all times! 
There is an unfenced running river on one side of the property and other potential hazards that could be a SERIOUS danger to unsupervised children.

To Conclude:

Our tribe is a group of free thinking intelligent, responsible human beings. It is the first time we have held an event like this and we are operating in a COVID environment. We will be relying on you all to look after one another, think logically and if there is anything relative to safety, COVID or otherwise, we expect you to immediately bring the issue to a staff members attention so we can act on it. Your health and safety is our priority and we will adhere to government restrictions and parameters as we always do in our gym, throughout our weekend away.


How do I get a glamping tent and how much are they?

They are $339 for the weekend (add ons optional). They are being provided by Avante Garde Camping Co. you can check them out here.

It's a busy season for them but we have managed to secured 10 tents from them. Any tents we want beyond the 10 we've been allocated will up to availability at the time of the order. 

The company will be setting up a special JBs Christmas Weekend event link for us on their website where you would order a tent and secure with payment. 

This link will be available early next week (Mon 17th..) and I'll let everyone know as soon as I do.

Where can I get more info on the trip?

Check back to this post for any updates OR check the JB Botany Tribe Event named "JB Xmas Weekend Away".

If there's no answers to your questions in the Facebook Event please feel free to ask us there in the chat feed or reach out directly at admin@junglebrothers.com.

Lastly please reach out to any coaches or JB staff

What is this "Burning Man" theme about?

Well if you don't know, please go have a google..however for now I will leave this video here