More Than The Sum Of It’s Parts

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I own a gym, so of course I am going to write a blog peddling the importance of food and training, right?

Maybe. I’m actually not interested in talking about why each of those individually is so important – you already know that. I want to talk about the combination of these two things. I want to highlight how these two things are worth so much more than just the sum of their parts

Our daily routine revolves around certain activities that we do on a consistent basis. The activities provide a structure to our time, helping us form habits. Now, assuming those activities are positive ones, we can assume that over time, we will be accumulating a growing balance of positive results

We all know that training and eating well, done consistently over time will yield high quality health returns… If you didn’t know that, you do now : )

But what happens when we combine a consistent training habit (let’s say 3-4 sessions in the gym per week), with a consistent healthy eating habit (lets say 85%, or 18 of your 21 meals per week are ‘good’ ones)?

We sleep better

We’re more productive

We make better decisions throughout the day

We’re generally more positive about life

We bring our best selves to our family and friends

We feel proud of ourselves

We have more to give to others

The combination of these two simple habits is worth vastly more than the sum of it’s parts…

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