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Taking Training To The Next Level At The JB Retreat
Without a doubt the most common question I get when talking to people who want to come to this event is - "But Will I Be Fit Enough?"
Integrating JBs Into Your Life
​Our Tribe is tight-knit, supportive and hungry for development
Turbocharge Your Gains With This Free Program
THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM.. If you're a total beginner we don't recommend this program for you.
Why Training For Aesthetics Sucks
..focussing strictly on how you look as the measurement of the effectiveness of your training is not only fucking boring, it's narcissistic, mentally un-healthy, and short lived in it's potency.
JBcast #9 – WTF Is This Movement Thing About Anyway?
Joey, Paul, Tee and Coach Allan discuss the final third of the JB Method - Movement.. They break down what[...]
The 5 Best Strength Exercises For BJJ
The strength and conditioning world is huge.. Everyone's got an opinion for you.. Even people with no idea will tell[...]
JBcast #8 Chinese Warrior Techniques For Optimised Recovery & Enhanced Performance
Stanley Tam is a lifelong Qigong Coach and Martial Artist. He consults various Elite Forces in China such as the[...]
The Optimal Recovery Cheat Sheet
Whether you train hard in the gym or on the mats, optimal recovery should be your top priority.. "You're not over-training, you're[...]