Bodyweight Strength and Mobility Coach

aaron howley

Bodyweight Strength and Mobility Coach


• Elite performance academy graduate

• Certificate 4 in Fitness

• FRC certified

• Precision Nutrition L1 - current

• Trained under Emmet Louis

• Mikael Kristiansen, Hand-balancing Workshop

• Emmet Louis, Modern Methods of Mobility Workshop

calisthenics strength coach

I grew up playing Gaelic football & soccer in Ireland. I played Gaelic at the highest level for school & county at an underage level before encountering problems with my hips, which both required surgery when I was 20.

This resulted in me trying to find a long-term solution to this problem, as I was told I would need further surgeries down the line.

This eventually led me onto the world of movement, bodyweight training and mobility. I have since been fascinated with the human body and the ways it can adapt. 

Aaron's Faqs

How does your training style make you unique?

My attention to detail is one of the things that makes me unique. I put a massive emphasis on quality training & holding people to a high standard. I want people to leave their session feeling better then when they came in.

What is your message to the everyday person looking to improve their health?

Socrates said it best: "No man/woman has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man or a woman to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his or her body is capable"

You’ve studied under Emmet Louis, what was that like?

It was a great experience and he is an excellent coach. I learned a lot from my few months training under him, mainly programming and exercise selection.

What does movement mean to you?

I use it all the time in my warm ups to prep the joints & tissues for what is to come. I also use some of their principles in my stretch classes at Jungle Brothers and with my PT clients who want to improve their mobility.

Handstands with Mikael Kristiansen. What were your biggest takeaways from that experience?

Biggest takeaway was to "push harder". I learned that hand-balancing is all in the shoulders.

What does a session with you look like?

The majority of my PT sessions look like a lot of upper & lower body strength training with some mobility & stretching sprinkled on top.

What lessons did Gaelic Football teach you?

My biggest takeaways from GAA are that you get out of it what you put into it. This can be said about any sport or endeavour but that was the big lesson for me. If you are truly committed & focused on something you will achieve greatness.

What are the main movement problems you see amongst Football players?

The main movement problems I see with Gaelic footballers is that they’re generally incredibly tight all over. The main areas I see issues with are ankles, calves, hamstrings, hips & hip flexors. This is due to a huge volume of running training and little to no mobility or stretching work.

Why did you choose to do the Precision Nutrition course?

Biggest takeaways from studying precision nutrition were that there is no one best diet for everyone. Everyone has a different set of circumstances and the best "diet" for them is the one that fits into their lifestyle the easiest and is one they can realistically adhere to.

What have you learned going through hip surgery at a young age?

I learned that the body is incredibly resilient & adaptable and given the right movements and approach, we can come back from almost anything.

Who have been some of your most influential coaches and what were those experiences like?

I have taken something from all the different coaches I have encountered through my life, but some that stick out:

Brian Heffernan, my old GAA (Gaelic Football) conditioning coach. His dedication and willingness to research strength & conditioning protocols and apply them to our conditioning program was second to none. It played a huge role in our success that year & beyond.

Also The Jungle Brothers. I have learned an incredible amount in my time working under that banner, and not just in training but also in business & life.

What benefits do your clients experience?

People usually come to me because they are lacking either direction or motivation in their training. They want to get strong, and learn cool skills like the handstand or the ring muscle. People also come to me looking for help with their nutrition.