Bodyweight Strength & Mobility Coach and Dance Teacher

NIK golkin

Bodyweight Strength & Mobility Coach and Dance Teacher


• Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness

• Master Trainer Level 1 (AIF)

• Certified in Kettlebell and Suspension Training

• Studied under Vik Hawksley (Anatomy in Motion Coaches Academy)

• Latin Dance Teacher and Performer

• Former NSW State Volleyball Champion

calisthenics gymnastics dance coach

My athletic journey began in middle school when I started competing in volleyball at state level in Russia. I have also been involved with calisthenics (bodyweight training) since my teenage years and have trained in many styles including street workout, gymnastics strength training and Ido Portal style locomotion.

I also developed a passion for Latin dance (salsa, bachata, cha cha) in my mid 20's and have taken it to the level of event performances and national competition and have taught social dancing classes and workshops.

My coaching practice focuses on helping people achieve their strength and mobility goals through consistent practice supported by structured systems and habits, quality education and helping clients improve awareness of their body and mind.

I am against quick fixes and ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy. I believe that strength & movement training should be approached as a marathon, not a sprint. My mottos are “consistency trumps intensity” and “slow and steady wins the race”.

“Nik has shared his passion for health and fitness with enthusiasm, patience and energy, while demonstrating deep knowledge of a variety of topics - body movement, strength and mobility, nutrition, meditation and balance in whatever you do.

Learning from Nik has been awesome, fun and professional at the same time.

Thank you Nik for sharing so much with us, including your big smile!


Associate Director of Enterprise Architecture

"I did Nik's 21 days of movement course.

I found Nik to be a very knowledgeable coach and was always attentive and made sure I understood the movements. 

I highly recommend Nik as a strength and movement coach."


Dance Enthusiast