Fight Coach, Bodyweight Strength and Mobility

Paul fotofili

Fight Coach, Bodyweight Strength and Mobility


• Certificate 3&4 in Fitness

• BJJ blue belt, MyBJJ

• Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Syd

• NSW Premier League Football

• 1st Div Rugby

• Years of skateboarding

• Emmet Louis, Modern Methods of Mobility Workshops

• Ido Portal Corset Workshop

• Fighting Monkey Intensive

• Rafe Kelley Seminar, Evolve Move Play

• Gary Cook FMS - current

functional movement coach

For all the training I've done, nothing has influenced me more than growing up the youngest of 8 sporty, athletic and competitive siblings. It was move or be moved from day one!

Paul's Faqs

How does your training style make you unique?

Regarding personal training, the thing that makes me unique is my ability to deeply understand people of all walks of life. Understanding who they are, where they’re at and what drives them is really key to how we approach whatever they want to achieve.

What is your message to the everyday person looking to improve their health?

Work out your ‘why’ and never forget it. This is your secret weapon that helps you make the right decisions.

You've attended a lot of workshops. Which was your favourite and why?

Definitely the Fighting Monkey 5 day Intensive here in Sydney.

It was physically and mentally demanding and challenged my way of thinking. I felt electric at the end of each day. It reinforced the artistic aspects of movement that really speak to me and drive my interest. These aspects are largely lost in the 'fitnessy' fitness industry and I never want to forget them.

What was your journey to to BJJ blue belt like?

Loved BJJ from the first contact. It scratched a primal itch that was unaddressed for years. Of course it was hard being the newbie for a long time, but I had good coaches and team support.

When I started it was a switch back to individual sports after years of team sports and it marked a huge shift for me personally. It highlighted a need for me to take ownership of my actions inside and outside of the dojo. Receiving my blue belt was a great day.

What's the biggest takeaway from a lifetime of sport?

The weightless feeling of enjoyment and freedom you experience when deep in play is such a powerful thing. I’ll always keep this potent source of energy in my life.

Who have been some of your most influential coaches and what were those experiences like?

I have to say Joe and Teora, my Jungle Brothers from other mothers, have been the most influential by far. Not only have I drawn raw knowledge from their collective experience, but I’ve been lucky enough to have them on hand for discussion and debate on any issue I face or any new idea I come across within health and movement. Over the years I’ve been able to watch how they coach, how they train, how they process new information pertaining to our work and how they do ‘the lifestyle’. This has been the best teacher.

What benefit do your clients experience?

When they get me, they get the collective knowledge of me plus the tribe of coaches I fly with.

What makes Jungle Brothers special?

Jungle Brothers understands that physical development is only one part of overall personal development and creating a happy human. JBs considers connection, purpose, interaction, self expression, mental health and so on. Physical development doesn’t rule tyrannically over other aspects.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying a session with you?

Let's talk!