Flexibility, Strength, Breath and Holistic Life Coach

RYAN Jackson

Flexibility, Strength, Breath and Holistic Life Coach


• Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness

• Level 1 / 2 Ghetto Movement Gym Internships
• HLC Qualified, Chek Institute

• Powerlifting/Free weights, 10 years.
• Flexibility, Gymnastics, Handstands,3 years.
• Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, 3 years.
• Bodyboarding/Surfing, 10+ years.
• Qualified Tradesman, Concreting, 5+ years.

Restorative Stretching Breath Movement Coach 533x575

My name is Ryan Jackson, I'm 26 years old, I have a prior background working in concreting and landscaping where I owned and ran my business since 21 years old.

Starting a business so young offered me a lot of financial freedom and opportunity for life experience. However, it filled my pockets too soon - leading me into years of taking money and health for granted. After 3 years of making bank, burning out my body and partying every weekend, the novelty began to wear off.  I had become dissatisfied and fatigued.

In the next few years I met multiple challenges. I had a serious car accident resulting in reconstructive surgery of my right foot. I had to  learn how to walk again. At the same time, my mother suffered a brain stroke and I also lost a good friend to suicide.

The chain of events led to ongoing reflection of my life habits and direction. This is where I started to break apart and rebuild myself through studying the work of motivational influencers like Alan Watts, Jordan Peterson, Ekhart Tolle, Sadhguru and Paul chek. I began practising yoga to heal and develop a greater awareness of the harmonious relationship shared between mind, body and breath. 


How did you get into training? What disciplines of training has influenced you?

I used to throw a little weight around in my teens though it was mostly driven by insecurities and wanting to look jacked. It wasn't until I suffered a serious injury causing pain and dysfunction that I started taking my training really seriously to get back to a pain free, functional body that could serve me in doing the things I love. 

My training is influenced by a mixture of yoga, calisthenics and movement culture. I've also been influenced by the coaching of Kit Laughlin, Harry Williams, Jackson Lennan, Lewy Finnegan and Paul Chek.

Why do you train?

 - To challenge my pre-existing beliefs and self doubts of what my body is capable of achieving.
- Build a better relationship / awareness within the vessel that carries me through life.
- Invest in physical longevity / keeping my body strong and mobile to support a long life of opportunity doing the things I love - surfing, travelling, being in nature.

What does your training look like?

My training is focused around flexibility/mobility, handstands and gymnastics strength. I supplemented with weighted compound lifts eg. deadlift, squat. 

What type of training do you offer as personal trainer?

As a Holistic lifestyle coach - I offer coaching in Mobilization/Flexibility, Bodyweight strength, Handstands, Restorative stretching / Breath practice, Goal setting and Lifestyle programming.

My goal is to coach as many people as possible in optimizing their health as individuals with the acquired knowledge I've attained through living and breathing the practice myself over years of experience.

What's been your biggest hurdle within your own training journey?

Ongoing maintenance and rehab of my injured / fused right foot and restoring my posture after years of constant daily bending and flexing as a concreter.

What would you say to someone who's just starting their training journey?

Be patient, kind and playful. Choose a type of training that you genuinely enjoy learning - Joy is found in the journey of becoming not just crossing the finish line.
Prioritise / maintain a balance of what your mind may "want" vs what your body "needs".

What are you here at Jungle Botany Gym and what do you hope to achieve here?

Jungle Botany has welcomed me with open arms since I first stepped in the doors!

JB's is a perfect example of a gym that represents more than a place to get jacked! It's a community of open hearts. A place to connect, learn, love and grow as a family.

 My goal as a JB coach is to share my knowledge & experience to facilitate space within the community for people of all backgrounds to develop and implement positive change in their lives through mind, body and breath

What are the main lessons you've learned from you coaching journey so far?

There is never a perfect time to start. You will always be learning, developing skill sets and experience along the way. I used to believe I had to reach a certain level of advanced knowledge and experience before becoming a coach. That's bullshit!

The most necessary prerequisite as a coach is your intention - are you committed to the practice? Are you committed to serving others and setting positive standards?

Show up with love and good intentions and you'll fkn kill it!
Love wins everyday, baby.