Movement, Strength and Injury-Rehab Coach


Movement, Strength and Injury-Rehab Coach


• Health & Fitness Coach for 3+yrs

• Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness

• 3 years of capoeira

• Studied under the Ido Portal Method

• Studying under Fighting Monkey Practise

fighting monkey practioner, movement coach

Lifelong student of dance, athletics and martial arts. Practised Capoeira for 3+yrs, performed alongside professional contemporary dancers, studied with the most innovative movement practitioners and pioneers on the planet.

“Never in my life have I done a single deadlift without back pain until I worked with Allan. Now I'm lifting pain-free.”

Simon Graham

VET Clinic General Manager

“I’ve managed to get free of back pain from a bulging lumbar disc thanks to Allan’s approach.”

Carla Hoorweg


Allan's Faqs

How does your training style make you unique?

I make the complicated world of health, fitness, and movement clear and simple for the average person to follow.

What is your message to the everyday person looking to improve their health?

Fear and avoidance of movement is your enemy. Getting someone knowledgeable to guide you through relearning how to move properly will save you a tonne of time and heartache.

What were your studies with Ido Portal like?

Transformational and catalysing. The man demanded strict form and attention to detail, which made me a better mover and teacher.

What is movement to you?

The answer to many of the world's problems, health or otherwise.

What does a session with you look like?

A session with me is part of a bigger health strategy that aims to get you a very specific result: become pain-free and get your bounce back so you can feel and perform at your best in life. You start with one-on-one sessions where you learn how to train, and then go into private groups where you practise how to move.

What is movement culture?

The term 'movement culture' came to be as Ido Portal's presence grew in the global health and fitness communities. The concept of a movement culture, in my mind, is more of a collective mindset and global community of people who are striving for better health through better movement, and supporting others through their journey in improving their lives.

What is Fighting Monkey?

Fighting Monkey is the name of a group created and led by Greece-based teachers Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapatanea. Linda is prominent in the contemporary dance scene in Europe, and Jozef is a communications expert who weaves Eastern philosophy and martial arts with Western athletics and human biomechanical principles. They've led many movement workshops all around the world, holding a space for many deep learnings and mind-widening experiences relating to human movement and the imagination. I've had many profound personal growth experiences under their care.

What have you learned from 3 years of Capoeira training?

Capoeira is a form of martial arts and dance that tests you as a mover. Trained dancers usually move too loosely, and lose the combative, dangerous edge that playing Capoeira demands. Trained martial artists are usually too stiff and regimented, and lose the flowing, conversational qualities that playing Capoeira demands. Capoeira also demands that you sing, learn to play instruments, and respond to the rhythm of the music during play. This is a built-in learning mechanism born from colonial oppression and the legal suppression of the martial arts (i.e. a method whereby the oppressed can learn to defend oneself) to disguise the empowerment of self in the martial arts in the seemingly benign art of dance. Tai Chi was born out of a similar socio-cultural environment in China, where the learning of martial arts was banned by the powers-that-be. Instead of being disguised by music, it was disguised by speed and shown to be 'exercise for old people'.

Who have been some of your most influential coaches and what were those experiences like?

In recent years, Ido Portal and Jozef Frucek come to mind when it comes to movement. But I try to learn something from everyone and everything that comes across my path. In that sense, some of my biggest personal breakthroughs came not from professional teachers and coaches, but people and circumstances in my life.

What benefits do your clients experience?

Achieving complete physical confidence at their own pace. 

Why do people come to you?

To gain complete confidence in dealing with their current challenges, and the challenges ahead of them, so they can feel like the best version of themselves.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying a session with you?

Find out what I do by checking out my work at following me at @trainawayyourpain on Instagram. I give away a lot of my insights and tips for free, and if you like what you see, just book in a free consult and we can talk about how my coaching program can help you.