Strength and mobility coach

Kyron Edwards

Strength and mobility coach


• Stretch therapy

• Flying therapy and zenthai shiatsu

• Cert 3 and 4

• Health science bach


my journey started from injury I fell off a roof and severely injured my spine and being 25 and not having the ability to touch my toes or move without agonizing pain was not a life I wanted to accept 

With a determination to change and not accept pain as my reality I set out on a journey to rid myself of pain and in the process developed a passion for wanting to help others do the same 

Which lead me to working with and learning from Emmet Louise, kit Laughlin, range of strength/ Jeffery wolf all pivotal role models in the mobility world 

With a combination of modalities, I’ve learnt I know combine what worked best for me to help you gain access to mobility you didn’t think possible 

In practice this can be done via active mobility sessions where we strengthen the muscles needed to access new range of motion and passive sessions where we work on releasing tight and problematic areas of the body through stretch and release technique’s

Kyron's Faqs

What is your message to the everyday person looking to improve their health?

Work on down regulation, get 8 hours of sleep a night , eat quality food and have fun while your doing it

What do you enjoy about the combination of the training you do now?

That there is always something to work towards in terms of strength, skill , and flexibility

What's been the biggest hurdle in your training journey?

getting diagnosed with cancer  going through surgery and now undergoing chemotherapy has been a huge hurdle but has helped grow me into the person I am today

Why did mobility training resonate with you more than other styles?

It offered a solution to most people’s issues including myself