Strength, Movement and Mobility Coach

Dylan Butcher

Strength, Movement and Mobility Coach


• Jungle Alliance internship
• JB & Rise Foundation Genesis charity fight main event fighter
• Online coaching under Ido Portal
• Online coaching & in-person under Marko Trkulja
• Currently receiving online coaching under Harry Williams
• Praksis Workshop x2 Under Thomas Emerson & Soisci Porchetta
• Gains In The Ghetto Workshop Under Harry Williams & Will Grant (Founder of Ghetto movement)
• Gym Manager Of Jungle Botany

strength, movement coach, mobility

I started my journey later than most, not having any interest in the fitness world until my early 20’s. I had dabbled in gym training and sports but had no real consistency until a friend introduced me to Bodybuilding. From there I fully invested myself into a more aesthetic based style of training until I came across Jungle Brothers.

I stuck to bodybuilding for another year telling myself that I wasn't ready for that style of training yet & that I needed to be fitter first (basically any excuse I could to avoid doing something new).

Until I noticed the amount of my friends injuring themselves from doing the same training that I was. This made me question the longevity of doing so. I took the plunge to a more sustainable and interactive ways of training. This shifted my focus to new disciplines such as Calisthenics, Crossfit, Kickboxing and Movement.

JB’s diverse training styles and views on health and community resonated with me immediately and encouraged me to take my passion for health and start passing it on to others. I took part in their Coaches Internship and became a qualified coach.

I then started seeking the guidance from experienced coaches on my training and how to best coach others. Some of my mentores on this path so far have included

Joe Worthington, Marko Trkulja, Andres Vesga & Harry Williams

I have traveled down this path fast going from JB member to intern, coach and now manager in just three years.

I believe this was possible because I found myself lucky enough to be surrounded by industry changing coaches with a diverse set of skills that have helped me to find my own style and push me to increase and share my knowledge.

I am stoked to be a part of something as revolutionary as the JA & can’t wait to see what the future holds for myself JB’s & JA.

Dylan's Faqs

How does your training style make you unique?

I have combined a lot of new age (trendier/progressive) training styles with your more classic strength and conditioning background. This has made me more willing to try new things and broadened my awareness of both my own body and body mechanics of others. While still respecting the principles of strength training.

What is your message to the everyday person looking to improve their health?

Trust the process, stay consistent & look for what works for you. We are all individuals with different needs and preferences. Find something that brings you joy to do even when it's hard and it will be so much easier to stick with it.

How was your transition from bodybuilding style training to calisthenics?

It was tough but worth it. I had to start all the way back at the beginning and that took time to accept. I wanted to do the hard stuff straight away and had to remind myself that this was a different thing than what I was used to. When I came to terms with being back at the start and put the time in to learn the basics, I was so much better off for it. I gained better body awareness and mind muscle connection as well as newfound respect for the movements and people doing them plus a whole bag of new sick skills.

What did you learn from your time in bodybuilding?

Self-discipline, patentees and how to stick to a program. 

Can you tell us what your experience was like in the Jungle Brothers Internship?

It was amazing !! I got to see firsthand the amount of love the coaches have for this community they have built and all the members that are a part of it. I also was made aware of all the behind the scenes work that goes into running a gym that you don't think about from the outside. On a personal note it gave me a chance to explore this new world and try my hand at coaching others with the perfect blend of support and freedom and helped me to decide to make this my career.It truly changed my life's direction

What do you enjoy about the combination of the training you do now?

It allows me to train with a better awareness of my body and a lower chance of injury, I also am constantly changing and adapting my training which keeps it fresh and lets me train more often focusing on different skills.Training my mind at the same time as my body by learning badass skills.

As a young coach what has been your biggest takeaway so far?

There are so many ways to approach health and fitness and coaching it to others which means you need to be constantly learning and improving your own skills. 

What's been the biggest hurdle in your training journey?

Finding the balance between what is optimal and what is doable. When I first started training, I gave myself 100%. Eating the same plain meal all week, not going out with friends or my partner to eat and to be honest not enjoying life. It has taken me years to find a balance of what is good for my health and what is good for my soul and I still sometimes need someone to remind me it's ok not to be perfect.