Striking Coach and Ginastica Natural Instructor


Striking Coach and Ginastica Natural Instructor


• Muay Thai and Boxing Coach 

• Ginastica Natural Instructor Level 1 under Alvaro Romano

• Cert 3 in Fitness – Current

• Women Self-Defence & Empowerment Coach

• BJJ Blue Belt under Thalison Suares

• Competed in Muay Thai, Boxing, Kicking/Savate bouts in Australia and France

• Muay Thai/MMA Seminars under Brad Riddell, Damien Alamos, Sangtiennoi and Chadd Collins

Ginastica Natural Muay Thai Boxing coach

Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy and loved playing all sorts of sports. I was the tall athletic girl, average at school, who was dreaming about gold medals in athletics!

After graduating with a Master in business and marketing, I started working for the biggest companies in the food industry and got a bit lost climbing the corporate ladder in Paris.

The stress and pressure of my job, life and family pushed me to look for something else, something hard, something new… That’s where my journey with Martial Arts and then coaching started, and MY LIFE WAS NEVER THE SAME ANYMORE…

Two years later, following an intense training in Thailand, I had this urge to fight in the ring. After my third fight in Australia, I decided to start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a whole new ground of skills I fell in love with, and quickly started testing myself on the competition mats. Along the way, I started exploring the world of Strength and Conditioning with a focus on Kettlebell training.

Soon after, I discovered the work of Alvaro Romano on bodyweight training. I studied Ginastica Natural under him personally, which has shifted my training perspective, adding movement and mobility into my practice and my coaching.

Now, here at Jungle Brothers, I strive to empower every Women, Man and kid I work with, through Martial Arts and Ginastica Natural, as well as myself.

My 7-year-old son and I have been training Muay Thai for the last 3 years with coach Tima. Not only is she compassionate, patient and giving in her time, she is also a positive and a strong role model for my son. Her values and mindset transfers to all aspects of life, which has helped with Dusty’s confidence, and dealing with bullying at school. Her highly motivating and skilful teaching has taken me to a new physical and mental level of strength, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Damian Murphy

“I have been training with Tima for over a year which has been life changing. Every session she challenges and inspires me to continually improve my fitness and technical skills. She is a true warrior and I am honoured to be mentored by such a strong woman. Thank you Tima, you are amazing! ”

Michaela Rankin