JB Training In Prep For World Championships

We have a diverse range of amazing humans training in our gym

​From those looking to burn a few kilos and get fit, those wanting serious bodyweight skills.. and then there's the high level athletes who are after more sport specific goals in their training

Like Stephane and Scotty​ -

​"I've become way more flexible, had much less injuries, and am now stronger in every position" - Stephane

​These two both come from a solid background in elite level sports.. Stephane was at the top of his game playing Handball back in France, and Scotty has been dominating National level Water-Polo here in Australia 

The two of them are now on their way to representing Australia in the World Beach Handball Championships next month

​So.. my question for them was

"You guys were already high level athletes before coming to JBs.. Whats been the biggest gains you've made since training here?"

​It was interesting to hear that they've actually both experienced massive gains.. 

Stephane has seen serious improvements in his flexibility, and reduced injuries (believe us, he had a few).. he's also become way stronger in every position.. Scotty was no different, mentioning that he realised after starting with us that he was actually quite weak in other areas he wasn't aware of

​"It's only once i started here i realised how weak i actually was.. The lifting classes.. the straight arm strength work.. the wrist work.. it's a variety that your normal gym wouldn't have" - Big Scotty

The boys have also both added around 5kg of lean mass, while still decreasing body fat levels, and building more strength and power​

​We're actually really stoked with the massive results these guys have gotten, and are pumped to see them kick ass in Poland.. They're coming in as the underdogs against a few heavy-hitting beach Handball nations such as Brazil and Qatar, so there's a bit on the line for all involved 

​"Some of those fight conditioning classes absolutely ruin me" - Scotty

​The team still has another couple of weeks hard training before they head off to Europe.. They're also self-funding their campaign and are looking for any potential sponsors or donors to help their cause! You can keep up to date with how they're going via the facebook page and if you would like to make a cash donation just click here 

Well done boys! Travel well and play hard. We'll miss you while you're gone


Oh yeah  - i wanted to mention that whats really cool for us as gym owners and leaders of this epic community, is that we can have high level athletes like these two, training alongside all the other diverse and awesome humans in our classes.. We believe this has been the key to creating the amazing community we have at JBs

We are always open to new individuals who would like to join our community, so if you're keen, and think you'd benefit from high-level coaching and support in the same way these guys have, drop us a line and lets have a chat. You can get me personally on 0422 412 533 or joey@junglebrothers.com


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