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#11 Winter Warrior🥶
Join Dylan and Paul in this exciting episode as they dive into the upcoming Winter Warrior competition! Discover the origins[...]
#03 The JB Foundation Program: Why Is It Essential
Every wondered why new recruits to our tribe have to do foundations... We don't train like other gyms so of[...]
Playing The Long Game
Playing The Long GameThere's a real tendency for us humans to want things to happen immediately...I’m often made aware of[...]
Our 2018 Member Of The Year
Our 2018 Member Of The YearBelow is a transcript of JB Joeys ‘Member of The Year’ speech from the 2018[...]
What We Actually Do (It’s More Than You Think…)
What We Actually Do (It's More Than You Think...)This ain’t a gym.It’s called a gym, so you know what goes[...]
Dealing With The Newbie Struggle
Dealing With The Newbie StruggleFacing the fact that you’re not very good at something is toughPretty much every new member[...]
PROGRAM BREAKDOWN: Strength & Movement, Cycle 5, 2018
PROGRAM BREAKDOWN: Strength & Movement, Cycle 5, 2018Is it cycle 5 already? Man, this year is moving quickSo a quick[...]
WHY THE GYM FAILED YOUGyms were born out a redundant model of training. BodybuildingThink about it, before the 80s bodybuilding[...]
FAQ: Jungle Brothers Strength & Movement
FAQ: Jungle Brothers Strength & MovementThere's a few questions we get asked quite a bit...I'm hoping this post covers those[...]
Taking Training To The Next Level At The JB Retreat
Without a doubt the most common question I get when talking to people who want to come to this event is - "But Will I Be Fit Enough?"
Integrating JBs Into Your Life
​Our Tribe is tight-knit, supportive and hungry for development
Turbocharge Your Gains With This Free Program
THIS IS AN INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM.. If you're a total beginner we don't recommend this program for you.
The 5 Best Strength Exercises For BJJ
The 5 Best Strength Exercises For BJJThe strength and conditioning world is huge..Everyone's got an opinion for you.. Even people[...]
“What’s Your Thoughts On Crossfit..?”
"What's Your Thoughts On Crossfit..?"I get asked this question a lot..I guess it's a juicy one because i run a[...]
Movement Complexity, and why YOU need to embrace it
Movement Complexity, and why YOU need to embrace it“Most of the ‘fitness’ world does not understand the principle of ‘Movement[...]
A Guide To JB Programming
A Guide To JB ProgrammingIt's important to us that you have an active understanding in the process of your own[...]
Are You a Jungle Brother?
Are You a Jungle Brother?We are sick of watching a toxic fitness industry destroy people's hopes and dreams.We are tired[...]