What Is A.R.T?

Guest post by our in-house ART Practitioner – Jarrod Thatcher

Hi all, Jarrod here

I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog to give everyone a bit more clarity around what I actually do, and how it could help you…

The modality I practice is called active release technique or ART

ART is a state of the art soft tissue work modality that originated in North America. ART has over 500 different protocols, and takes a deep understanding of functional anatomy. If a muscle can be reached, you can be sure ART has a protocol for it. ART is unique in that it uses tension on the muscle, combined with motion, in order to restore proper function back to the area

I’ve been practicing ART for around 7 years, and for the previous 3 years prior to joining JB, I was head of treatment at a large performance facility in the city. Over the years I’ve treated hundreds of people, and at one point I was the busiest ART practitioner in Australia consistently treating over 70 people a week (which I found unsustainable, to be honest)

Over the years I’ve been lucky to help some of Australia’s best athletes, and fix countless problems that many ‘specialists’ before me weren’t able to

I feel very lucky to have been accepted into the JB community by everyone so quickly. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far… Now, it’s all well and good for me to go on about how good ART is, but to make it a bit more relatable I thought i’d put a few testimonials from my clients below –

Thanks for reading this far… If you would like to discuss having a treatment, please reach out to me directly on 0416 028 150…


I’ve been a boxer for 7 years and have had bad knee pain to the point where I could no longer squat, or even bend my knee past 90 degrees. The constant pivoting off my back foot made everything worse. I had seen every kind of ‘knee expert’ and Physio to fix the problem & nothing had changed. Then a friend of mine referred me to see Jarrod. That was the end of the issue. I’m back to boxing & squatting & skipping & to be honest, I owe Jarrod big time! Thanks from LaLa Land, man!”

Russell Queay – Actor


“I started getting treatment off Jarrod a few months ago for a severe neck injury. Before seeing him, I saw a Chiro, Physio and finally another ART practitioner, but I wasn’t seeing any improvement. I stopped training in the gym all together as the pain was to much.

After only a couple of sessions with Jarrod I saw a great improvement. I’m finally on my way back from an injury that I had for nearly a year. I’m back training in the gym with Jarrod’s guidance and regular treatment. I would highly recommend his ART treatment. It is very effective”

Simon Fletcher – Real Estate Agent


“I initially went to see Jarrod for some ART on my shoulder after having suffered from shoulder pain for about 4 years without much relief or improvement (despite numerous Physio and chiropractor visits).

After just a few ART sessions with Jarrod, my shoulder feels as good as new and is now pain free. I literally cannot believe how fast the pain went away given how long I had been experiencing it. I had also been suffering from constant migraines and daily headaches for about 18 months before I saw Jarrod but after a few ART sessions where he worked on various muscles around my neck and head, my migraines have been significantly reduced and I no longer have headaches on a daily basis.

I had almost accepted that I would just have to live with the headaches and migraines as I had seen a few different specialists with no relief or improvements, but Jarrod has been able to change that. 

I am very grateful to him for how much he has been able to reduce the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis from both my shoulder and headaches and I would highly recommend his treatment to anyone.”

Lauren Lawlor – Personal Trainer

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  • May 3, 2019
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