S & M

Our flagship class, covering a wide range of strength and movement basics. Utilising a variety of bodyweight, weightlifting and mobility techniques to create a solid workout that will push the limits of your conditioning. High intensity, sweaty, lean.


Strength and flexibility training using only your own body weight. Designed to balance and fortify the foundation of your body.  Inspired by gymnastics, calisthenics and hand balancing, learn how to control your most trusty tool – your own body.

This program will accelerate your progress in our other class formats, rid your body of niggling pain, thicken up your trunk musculature, Increase the quality of your body composition and drastically lower your potential for injury.

Featuring gymnastic rings, bar work, parallel bar work, floor work partner work and more.


Muay Thai, MMA drills and techniques along with fight conditioning. Designed to teach the basics of stand-up combat along with increasing work capacity. MMA athletes are some of the fittest humans out there. This class utilises their training techniques to get fit without getting smashed in the face.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a system of self-defence based on grappling and specifically, ground-fighting. Using joint locks and chokeholds, you'll learn how to overcome a larger, stronger opponent through the efficient use of timing and leverage. BJJ is empowering, fun, and an incredible workout. Our classes are suited to both total beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


This class will teach you the basics of controlling an external load. Focusing primarily on the Barbell (without excluding other heavy objects) and how to get strong and powerful through manipulating it. Utilising various techniques of Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and basic strength training this class will develop a formidable base of strength and power.


Not your average ‘Stretch’ class. Exploring 'mobility'...as defined as a combination of strength, flexibility and balance. This class focuses on developing all of those things through a variety of methods such as movement, breathing, active stretching, loaded stretching, and more. Bulletproof your joints and reach new ranges of motion. You will get a sweat on too. 


Here we focus solely on developing the handstand and its many different variations. The program structure offers multiple levels of difficulty so the greenest beginner can make progress in the same way an experienced practitioner can. Learn the solid fundamentals required to make the handstand a play-tool of your own.


These are open training periods, only available to members of our gym and clients following their own program. If you have any doubts about whether you qualify, please check with one of our coaches.